Thanks for Purchasing!

Here's some useful information about your purchase.

Q: How long does it take for me to recieve my files?
A: I offer the mockups for free here, so instantly. If you bought the mockup, I appreciate the donation :).

Q: Why can't I open my files?
A: The files I send you are .rar files, which is a type of compressed folder, basically a more efficient .zip folder. This allows you to download the files faster and saves me space as well. If you cannot open .rar files or have never heard of them before, take this time to download WinRAR or IZArc. They are small programs and are very useful. If that is not the issue, you probably do not have a program that can open the .psd extension. These files are made in Adobe Photoshop for Adobe Photoshop users. Some other programs do recognize the .psd extension, but very few.

Q: So how do these work?
A: They're really easy to use, actually! Extract the files (there should be two, a front and a back) then open it/them in Photoshop. Turn off the white layer and either paste or place your artwork onto the Artwork layer, adjusting it wherever and however you'd like it to look when printed. Choose a color and if you'd like, adjust the opacity of the layers in the Light group. Then you're done! You now know what your design would look like if printed on a shirt, hoodie, raglan, etc. You can now send it to a client, put it on your website, or show it to your mom.

Q: I use an old version of Photoshop, will these still open?
A: These files are straight up layers with pixels and layer masks, no other fancy junk, so most versions are compatible.

Q: I still have some other questions.
A: That is not a question, but I have some answers on the FAQ page anyway!